Chris will be on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on September 11th!


Karrueches Audi 👌👌

People try so hard to make Karrueche look like the bad guy. Looking back, when she first became known as CB girlfriend, I myself didn’t like her. But then I realized.. what don’t I like her for? She ain’t do shit to me, so why not like her? Because she’s fucking my fave that I’ll never get with? These are grown ass people talking shit about her like she asked to be brought out into the “spotlight”. If any of us were someone like Chris Brown’s girlfriend then we all would NOT be hiding behind the covers. Chris doesn’t only have to date A-List celebrities. He’s still a regular human being who makes mistakes just like we do; he just has more money than us. So saying “Karrueche is the reason why Rihanna got beat up” is stupid. Do the fucking math. They’ve been dating officially since November 2010. A whole year and 9 months after the Rihanna situation happened. Chris Brown is fine as fuck, he’s was bound to have many other bitches phone numbers. And to this day, we don’t know EVERY detail of what happened (not that it should matter at this point because they both moved on from it). So my point is, blaming Karrueche for EVERY single little thing that happens makes you bitches look bitter… for no apparent reason. All these accusations and lies being thrown around about her is getting ridiculous. Grow the fuck up and get a life. Anyone with valid facts, correct me if I’m wrong.